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Dennis: Arndt wird spätestens Angfang Juli wieder aufgeführt.

Georg: Wird es außer an diesem WE noch weitere Termine für Arndt geben, und wenn ja, habt ihr schon ne Ahnung wann?

Dennis: Hallo Carmen, alle können mitmachen, unabhängig von Alter und Beruf. Komm einfach mal vorbei!

Carmen: Hallo! Kann man auch als Nicht-Studentin beim StuThe mitmachen?

Falke: Hei Maulwurf,ich habe gestern gehört, dass alles wie geplant am Montag stattfindet.

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Young generation makes big theater

By sven | 3. June 2010


From today until Sunday, 14 theater groups from Greifswald and the region Western Pomerania will gather for the first /Greifswald//Theater meeting 2010/. This gathering is interesting for theater groups at schools and with other backgrounds because there are many theater projects in Greifswald, Stralsund, Anklam, and their vicinity that are organized by schools, in free groups, associations, or youth clubs. All groups—no matter how they are organized—are invited to perform together on different stages in the center of Greifswald for a whole weekend!

The gathering has been organized by the Students’ Theater (StuThe) in cooperation with Barbara Gottwald, who is in charge of pedagogic projects at the Theater Vorpommern. The opening will be today at 3:30 PM, in the auditorium of the Arndtschule. After the opening ceremony, there will be the premiere of the play “Pantalones wedding”. Georg Meier, a member of StuThe for many years, has practiced for six months with fifth-grade students for this performance. At 6 PM, the theater group Hohenwieder from Grimmen will perform Knut Spelerink at the new city hall. This will be followed by another performance of Finland or Nora’s day in Greifswald’s theater. The complete program is available under

On Saturday, there will be workshops for children and youths on the premises of the Arndtschule where they will get inspirations for further theater activities. After all, this gathering is meant to be the beginning of a long-term networking of existing theater structures and groups. Everybody from Greifswald interested in theater is invited to come to the four stages and watch the young generation making big theater! Tickets are available at the box offices.


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