Republic Vineta


A play by Moritz Rinke

Co-production of the Students‘ Theatre Greifswald with the Theatre of Western Pomerania

Starting April 17, 2008 in Greifswald
Starting May 6, 2008 in Stralsund

In a secluded villa somewhere in Central Germany, several top managers and executives are meeting at a secret conference. Directed by Dr. Leonhard, they plan the project “Vineta”, a new metropolis on an island drawn up from scratch, a service paradise designed according to the most modern concepts. The pet project of Dr. Leonhard, however, is a collection of anachronistic monuments which he intends to combine in a theme park of lost dreams.

With the first cargo ships already on their way to the island, Leonhard—obviously ridden by doubt—brings in star architect Sebastian Färber who immediately defeats the concept generally agreed upon. He replaces the purposeful megalomania with an Edenic anti-modernity; the structures he designs are modelled on ancient ideals and are meant to restore a feeling of security and harmony in the people. Deep ideological rifts open up and initiate an unscrupulous struggle for power.

This is just the first link in a chain of tragicomic events. “Since Dürrenmatt, there has been nobody who has captured farce as truth and truth as farce as effectively as Rinke”, so the verdict of the Frankfurter Rundschau. “A wonderful comedy set against a dead serious background”, is the opinion of the professional interest magazine Theater der Zeit.

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