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Latest on 08.4.2019 11:12

Dennis: Arndt wird spätestens Angfang Juli wieder aufgeführt.

Georg: Wird es außer an diesem WE noch weitere Termine für Arndt geben, und wenn ja, habt ihr schon ne Ahnung wann?

Dennis: Hallo Carmen, alle können mitmachen, unabhängig von Alter und Beruf. Komm einfach mal vorbei!

Carmen: Hallo! Kann man auch als Nicht-Studentin beim StuThe mitmachen?

Falke: Hei Maulwurf,ich habe gestern gehört, dass alles wie geplant am Montag stattfindet.

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“Wing it” is a completely open offer. It is aimed at all those who enjoy theater. Everyone is welcome and can freely participate without cost or obligation. “Wing it” takes place every Monday from 20.15-22.00 clock (during the semester). No registration required. Just stop by and join in!

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Member of the association can be anyone – regardless of age or employment status. there’s only one, bring what you should, and that’s enthusiasm for the theater.

We appreciate each and everyone who wants to bring his creativity and his commitment to us. This naturally includes the willingness to work with others in a team, theater is a joint venture – the evening engineer and the flyer distribution are as important for the success of the evening as the actors on stage. Even if you do not want to play  – behind the scenes and in the organization, there is always plenty to do, and there is a possibility to be creative, bring your ideas and meet new people. Of course, you are our support and infrastructure available to implement your ideas and projects. Since the StuThe lives only through the commitment of its members, each ran off, this means that every time makes an evening bar service, or simply spread the inlet Flyers. The membership fee is 20 euros per semester.