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The kiss of oblivion

Adaptation of Botho Strauss‘ play Remembering means to reassemble events. The things that are remembered are interwoven with reality. We see the intimate history—or, rather, parts of the whole that switch back and forth—of a love. Two people meet by coincidence and harry each other in a most brutal way in order to find an […]

Picnic in the field

Front soldier Zapo gets a surprise visit by his parents who invite him to a picnic in the field. What for him is the battlefield seems to mean just a green field to his parents, however.

Flicker trip

A play by the Stuthe Flicker trip takes you on a surreal journey between idealism and commerce, visionariness and pragmatism. In partly serious, partly comic episodes, the play tells of a world that has left its habitual orbit and is now staggering through a vacuum. The actors: Jana Nederost, Jenny Völsch, Josefine Steinfurt, Gunnar Fasold, […]

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